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Aug 30, 2022
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Download the xapk Installer apk application with a direct link to Android, as it is one of the most important programs that must be available on the mobile phone because of its many features, especially for those who consider that games are an essential part of the phone, we will explain through our website the application, how to use it and the features related to it, and you will find at the end of this topic the link to download this wonderful application.

Explanation of the xapk installer apk application

The application installs games and applications on devices running on the Android system, where it converts them from large-sized files that are in xapk format and difficult to recognize by the phone to a simplified apk format, it decompresses them, in order to facilitate the way they are operated.

It is worth noting that the two file types xapk and apk are similar in all their characteristics, except for the size of the files, as the first version allows you to upload files of large sizes, while the second version is limited to files of small size only.

The application does not stop just like that, but it can also convert files uploaded to the phone to obb or data format, the conversion is done with just a click of a button, and we will explain how to use the application in the next paragraph.

How to use the application
After clicking on the link to download the xapk installer apk application with a direct link to Android located at the end of the article, you will download the application to your mobile, and then you can use the application in the following steps:

First, go to the files loaded on your phone.
Then press Install or install and wait until the application installation process is completed.
Download the large-sized application or game, which you want to install on your phone in a smaller size.
Go to the interface of the xapk Installer apk application, you will find the loaded game or application is automatically present in the program interface.
Select the game inside the application, you will see a confirmation message to install the game on the phone, you have to select the OK option, to begin the installation process.
Features of the xapk installer application
To apply many features, as it is one of a small-sized application, it does not exceed 5 MB, and other features as follows:

One of its most important features is that it handles xapk files with high efficiency, and converts them with ease to easy-to-handle applications.
The application features a distinctive interface that suits all tastes, as well as all age groups.
The application can be obtained through our website for free and without any Material Charge.
The application does not contain ads at all, and this feature is sought by many in order to prevent inconvenience.
The way to use the application is very easy, it works automatically, as once you download a game or application, it automatically appears inside the application.
The application is completely safe, and does not cause any harm or danger to the phone, as it is fully protected from viruses.

Features of downloading the xapk installer apk application with a direct link to Android

One of the features of the application is that it works on all Android devices and also tablets, it does not depend on certain types, and other features that you can take advantage of by downloading the xapk installer apk application with a direct link to the Android through our website, which is as follows:

It provides easy control to erase unwanted applications and games when they are on the mobile phone.
Applications and games appear on the main screen of the application with the same name, which provides the user with easy access to the application he is looking for, and the application icon and its size also appear.
The program contains many other applications that add capabilities to the phone to improve its performance and internal system.
Saving time and effort that some people spend to download one game, and the trouble of decompressing files and converting them to the appropriate format, all this is provided by the application automatically without the user feel that it is happening.
The internet saves a lot, it does not consume much in its use.
It does not require certain sizes for the applications and games it handles, it allows downloading games and applications of very large sizes.
This program is suitable for children, as it is possible to download some games that aim to communicate information to the child, and it is also possible to download some applications related to children, such as educational programs that attract the attention of children.

Download the xapk installer apk application with a direct link for Android

The xapk installer apk application has become a tool for some users to collect files with a lot of space, and one of the most famous games that prove the effectiveness of the application is the PUBG game, as it is one of the games that take up a lot of space on the mobile phone, but it is a favorite among many, and this application has facilitated downloading them to Android devices with ease and speed.

We have also provided you with a link to download the xapk installer apk application with a direct link to Android with ease, and we have explained the explanation of the uses of this application and the simple way of using it, and some of the features that distinguish it from other applications and make it the best among Android device users.

What's new

- added required changes for Android 11
- added French language support
- bug fixes & performance improvements