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Become a real trucker with Truckers of Europe 3!
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Wanda Software
Feb 2, 2023
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Truckers of Europe 3 is a game dedicated to fans of driving simulators of all types of cars and was developed by Wanda Software to suit all Android devices

Enjoy this amazing truck driving simulator game where you will find yourself traveling through multiple regions of Europe while driving your giant truck on the roads, thanks to realistic handling characteristics, driving mechanisms, as well as an intelligent and dynamic traffic system that will make you feel like driving a car unlike any other game

Download the game Truckers of Europe 3 for Android with a direct link

In Truckers of Europe 3, users will receive the role of a real European truck driver where they will find themselves traveling through different parts of the European continent and carrying various cargoes in different truck models and trailers with realistic game mechanics and driving experience

All you have to do now is choose your favorite truck from the garage and work on it before it hits the road, as the Truckers of Europe 3 game features many different and diverse locations including Milan, Munich, Berlin, Venice, Prague, and many European cities.

In addition, you will find yourself on the road while enjoying realistic truck physics and powerful engine sounds interact freely with realistic traffic systems and day and night cycles

Unleash even more fun as you compete with friends and real players from all over the world as your achievements appear on the leaderboards

Characteristics of downloading the game Truckers of Europe 3 for mobile

The game has a lot of characteristics and countless features, and the most important and prominent of those features are the following :

Enjoy the realistic in-game elements

In Truckers of Europe, 3 users will find themselves impressed by the multiple and realistic gameplay elements which make this mobile truck driving simulator even more exciting to enjoy

You can also enjoy using the realistic truck physics in the game that makes you feel like driving a real car, however, the realistic engine sounds are also impressive as they change based on your movements and the weight you carry.

Of course, realistic damage and fuel consumption will be guaranteed as you are always engaged in an accurate driving simulator remember that you are not just in a crazy racing game, so drive safely and correctly to reach your destination without scratching.

Multiple and different trucks and trailers

In the latest version of Truckers of Europe 3, players now have access to a huge collection of 7 different trucks and 12 modern trailers that you can drive and set off on the road with the freedom

So do not hesitate to choose your favorite car and choose the most suitable car for your specific job with three-dimensional models and realistic interiors of each truck, the shape and character of the game is very amazing, especially when you watch everything from the cockpit.

Interactive and customizable processing options

This version supports the freedom to fully control multiple vehicles using the many intuitive control options in the game, and therefore you will have access to the full control setting of the car, including the steering wheel for direction control, accelerator pedal, brakes, key gears, headlights, taillights, windshield, Horn, speed indicator and many other wonderful details make you feel like using a real machine.

At the same time, by providing various control options, using the tilt function, virtual touch buttons and touch steering wheel, players can freely configure and customize their gaming experience to better suit their personal preferences.

Different display modes to enjoy driving in the right way

For players interested in New and different game modes, you can now freely switch between different viewing modes in Truckers of Europe 3 allowing you to enjoy your ride from multiple angles.

Thus, feel free to get a complete view of the car and its surroundings from a third-person perspective, allowing you to drive more carefully and easily. Or approach the car to feel its road and driving experience.

Moreover, the game provides a realistic cockpit mode that allows you to move around the car and see the entire interior, interacting with various control options. Feel free to look around from the inside or use various mirrors to observe your surroundings and move freely in the cockpit

Feel free to work and repair inside the garage

In Truckers of Europe 3, there is a super cool and completely different garage that allows players to enjoy many exciting driving options as here you can easily repair any damage that happened during your European trip

In addition, players can fully enjoy the custom games and multiple in-game tuning options that will allow them to fully improve the vehicles and make them look very amazing.

Extreme realism and amazing riding with real tracks

Truckers of Europe 3 players will find themselves more interested in the game thanks to its elements and thanks to the realistic travel experience here, as the game offers an AI-enhanced traffic system that allows players to enjoy driving on actual roads and actually feel their interaction with traffic

Thus, you should be aware of moving vehicles, traffic lights, weather, and many other factors to ensure a safe trip.

What's new

Added new truck : Dawn DF.
Fixed jobs not showing on quarry.
Added Custom V8 engine and sounds.
Fixed some bugs.