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Real Indian Car Simulator is a car simulator game inspired by Indian environment.
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February 17, 2022
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Real Indian Car Simulator is a car simulator game inspired by Indian environment.

Game Features
1) Types of controller
-Gyro controller.
-Steering controller.
-Button controller(UI).

2)Firs person view(Cockpit) with working speed meter and rpm meter(Dashboard). Side mirrors

3)18 Cars to choose from.

4)Games comes with 10 mission where you have to pick up and drop passenger.

5)Missions includes
-Statue of lord Shiva
-Lord Ganesha Statue
-Statue of unity(with laser show)
-Lord Shiva Temple

6)Game also has free ride mode where you will have 2 maps to choose from

-“SHIVA” ( by xjurassic
-“Petronas Gas Station” ( by imin96
-“South Indian Temple – Modular Kit” ( by rSquare
-“Hanuman/Anjaneya Idol” ( by Addere
-“Ganesha” ( by Kaanchi Chopra
-“Ganesh Prini” ( by Francesco Coldesina
“Old Fountain” ( by Ellie3D
-“Playground” ( by Deshan
-“Playground” ( by Prudence
-“Seesaw “Type-1″” ( by targa
-“Playground Asset” ( by KINXZ
-“Playground” ( by Spooce
-“Slide” ( by ashley.carboon
-“Merry-go-round” ( by ashley.carboon
-“Buddha Idol” ( by Addere Creations
-“Delicious and flaky 3D “SAMOSA”” ( by Designifying
-“MB” ( by 1212142413412
-“Indian street food cart and vendor” () by Mrinal Kukreti
-“ATM Machine Model” ( by Murkablo
-“«Instant Cash» ATM (lowpoly)” ( by Zuckergelee
-“Coffe shop” ( by Evseya
-“Stall” ( by holgcool
-“Rusty Metal Barrier (Low Poly, Game Ready)” ( by Skript47
-“Church 1” ( by rhcreations
-“Farmhouse _low-poly” ( by Raphael Escamilla
-“Indian Male Character” ( by Kalakar
-“Travis Scott Fortnite Skin” ( by SketchSupreme
-“Final Idle animation” ( by bsuvderdene8
-“Human 3D model scanned with iPhone X” ( by dmitry5
-“Business Man – Low Polygon game character” ( by manoeldarochadeoliveira
-“turban” ( by sensessta
-Herminio Nieves // Coffee Shop

-“Testarossa” ( by dagtholander

-Rolls Royce model -MindFlux studios

-Sesto elemento – MindFlux studios

-Mercedes Benz C63 – MindFlux studios

-Ferrari Italia – MindFlux studios

-Bmw m6 – MindFlux studios

-Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – MindFlux studios

-BMW x6 – MindFlux studios

-Audi Q7 – MindFlux studios

-BMW m3 coupe- MindFlux studios

-Lamborghini urus- MindFlux studios

Image Credit
-Image credits are mentioned in Company website

Video Audio Credit
– Thanks to BEST On Demand youtube channel for video used in in-gamelaser show

-Thanks to BEST J MAGIX youtube channel for video used in in-game laser show

-Thanks to SD Traditional Vlog youtube channel for audio used in in-game laser show

What's new

-Performance Improved
-Bugs fixed
-Streeing controller Improved