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Take your motorhome to crazy planets sightseeing and visit the wood, beach, or city.
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JellyBoy Studio
January 28, 2019
6.0 and up
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Planets Rush is a simple, lightweight, and highly addictive game for Android devices developed by JellyBoy Studio.

Take your car to the crazy planets for sightseeing and visit the woods, the beach, or the city, and on each planet, you will face different challenges that will make it difficult to reach the checkpoints on time before the fuel runs out.
In addition, many power-ups will help you to complete levels such as extra fuel, bumper guards, coin machines, and more.

Planets Rush story for Android

The game offers a very simple and fun way to play along with a lot of excitement and fun, as players ride modern and advanced cars and then avoid giant trees to a large extent in addition to collecting a lot of prizes and financial rewards while playing

But it is not as easy as you expect because you have to keep dodging giant trees and if anything happens and you hit an obstacle you will find yourself replaying the matches again

In the game Planets Rush for Android, you will have full access to all parts of the city by walking according to the map, you can also resort to traffic lights, cars, and other competitors but remember that in the end, huge buildings can lead you to end the game

Feel free to choose the fast and relaxed gameplay that is right for you with intuitive mechanics and fast-paced matches that only take a few minutes. Enjoy playing with friends whenever you want and compete with them in easily customizable matches.

Features of Planets Rush for Android

The game includes a lot of completely new and unique features and features, which in turn make the game more fun and realistic in addition to providing everything the user needs for more fun and excitement, and among those characteristics are the following:

Simple, intuitive, and addictive gameplay

Players in Planets Rush will find themselves with access to straightforward and intuitive arcade gameplay so feel free to enjoy the experiences of this type of game

Explore and test the fast-paced gameplay that suits you, as there are a plethora of obstacles in front of you that won’t be easy to dodge at all.

Destructible Integrated City Map

And to make Planets Rush even more interesting, players will have access to a destructible map in which you can collect a lot of different things to eat.

Feel free to swallow hundreds of different things around you like “fire hydrants, street signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, trees, and other small things down to big things like cars, small houses, buildings, etc.

Enjoy playing multiplayer and facing friends

There is an easy and fast match-playing mode for one player, but it is possible to enjoy multi-matches with friends through an internet connection.

Feel free to set up your match and wait for all your friends to join in and have fun when you are ready as you compete with your friends in intense battles

Compete with players from all over the world to get the best results

Playing in Planets Rush is not just limited to competing with friends or playing individually, as it is possible to compete with random players from all over the world in addition to choosing some of the leaderboards and who are more professional and then start competing

Feel free to advance in single-player matches by eliminating all other opponents, devouring everything on the map, and unleashing amazing results that no one can match.

Upgrade your skills and playing style

Planets Rush game needs you to a lot of professionalism and training continuously, as the game needs better control of the car and also the passage of cars between trees, huge buildings, and others

So you have to dodge trees and obstacles such as traffic lights and others so that you can reach the end and win the game

Get valuable rewards and prizes

After entering the game and passing your car, you will collect a lot of money along the path, in addition to that, as you continue to play and enter more professional levels, you will get many and many financial prizes and rewards that enable you to upgrade your skills and then top the list of the best players in the game level

Sophisticated graphics and excellent animation

Despite the simplicity of the Planets Rush game for Android and its simple size, it contains a lot of animation and advanced graphics that rely on artificial intelligence, which in turn makes the game more realistic in addition to making it smooth while playing and on all Android devices

Features of Download Plants Rush for Android

  • It comes completely free, and you can download Planets Rush for Android through the links on our website
  • There are a lot of tasks from the beginner levels to the most professional levels
    Multiple game modes, from single play to multiplayer
  • The ability to play without the need to connect to the Internet, and then enjoy the game anytime and everywhere


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