WhatsApp launches 5 great features at once

WhatsApp application has announced the launch of many important features, which are 5 features, especially the community feature, where the platform is working to increase its number of users, especially with the spread of many other competing applications.

WhatsApp launches 5 great features at once

According to telecom talk, Meta company’s WhatsApp platform will release 5 more features at once for all users including Android, desktop, and iOS, and the upcoming features will be for security and other reasons.

The 5 functions that WhatsApp launches at the same time

  • Communities function
    WhatsApp recently announced the Communities feature, which allows you to send messages to all the groups you participate in at once without having to send each item alone, and this feature is expected to launch soon.
  • Feedback feature in messages like Facebook
    WhatsApp company allows showing reactions to messages like Facebook where users of WhatsApp after issuing this function can show the reaction to messages as liked and liked on Facebook and will develop an app to the emulator. for other applications.
  • Admins delete messages from users in a group

WhatsApp will enable the group admin to delete messages feature which will make the group admin fully aware of their group and have full control which is a much-awaited feature by group admins.

  • Two-step verification of the desktop version
    This feature is a security feature that you can use if you want, and you can also ignore it this step helps you protect your account from hacking.
  • Message interaction feature with animated emoji.
    This feature is similar to the feedback feature in messages like Facebook but will be limited to animated emoji and heart-only interaction.