Video-A sniper in Iraq He takes risks the life of child to prove his worth

A video clip documented the moment an Iraqi father in Al-Muthanna governorate aimed his rifle at his son’s face, with the aim of demonstrating his sniping skills

During the video, the father appeared asking his son to stick a cigarette in his mouth without moving, then press the trigger of the Kalashnikov, and hit the head of the cigarette from a distance of a few meters

The clip sparked a wave of resentment among the activists of the communication sites, who expressed their anger at this behavior, and considered it an attempted murder, and some of them demanded the arrest of the father, stressing that they do not know the value of children and that their lives are not a field of experiment or a game

While one of the activists confirmed that the child cried from the pain of pressing his teeth on the cigarette and from the force of the blow