download Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting-Mod Apk

Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game is an action-adventure and challenging game developed by Small Crew Games Inc, through which you can enter the open-world city of rage while taking many tasks that must be completed such as “stealing cars and working as a thief and some of the Secret packages, the use of various weapons and guns, and other adventures

Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game is very similar to the famous crime-adventure and action games, and within a short period of its launch, it became one of the most famous games in the world

Where you can enter the game and start exploring the entire city and diving into epic experiences, and do not hesitate for a moment to do what you want from car theft, killing, eliminating gangs, and fighting everyone who stands in front of you, but avoid as much as possible from the police arresting you and escaping in various ways available to you

Story of Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game for Android

The events of the game revolve around the escape of a former criminal who has committed many crimes and illegal acts such as dealing in drugs, murder, and robbery of a bank, and then escaping in the city center to complete what he was doing before

Here in Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game for Android you can explore many aspects of the seemingly intact city with the possibility of discovering its darkest sides especially when you start to get involved in many illegal criminal activities

Feel free to explore the huge city with a lot of features and aspects available to discover and get involved in a lot of outlaw activities such as robbery, killing people, hitting police, crossfire in the middle of the street, and killing people passing by while making full use of the diverse arsenal of weapons

Features of Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game

The developers of Rage City are providing many new features that are very similar to the most famous action and adventure games such as this category, in addition to containing other features such as:

Simple and Smooth Controls

The game Rage City has a lot of touch-screen options and can be accessed easily by pressing the screen button, there are buttons for moving right or left and another dedicated to starting fighting and hitting and the other to shoot and some of the buttons dedicated to jumping and doing some other moves

All of these can be accessed through the sides of the screen with both hands. You will be able to control the characters and also ride vehicles and walk them in the city streets with changing interfaces, very quickly and more accurately.

Explore the whole city streets

In the game Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game, you can roam the city streets either on your feet or by riding or stealing cars and seeing all the details and landscapes around you

Pick up powerful weapons and gears to help you

In Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game, players can pick up multiple weapons and gears with various powers that help them take control of the entire city.

There are loads of weapons like guns, RPGs, and other types that help you when you are in the crossfire, and in fact, you can even destroy the whole city for no reason with your amazing arsenal.

Feel free to do all kinds of criminal acts on the streets

Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game allow players to enjoy the game for free, besides that you can roam freely in the street and do all kinds of random things such as hitting, stealing pedestrians, and forcing others out of their cars around the city, in addition to causing all kinds of Chaos or perform unbelievable stunts.

Lots of different vehicles

In this huge city, you will find yourself able to access a large variety of the best vehicles that always appear on the street

And once you walk and reach any car you want, you can get it either by stealing it or by forcing passengers to get out of it and therefore feel free to take what you want and dream about

Features of Rage City – Open World Driving And Shooting Game

  • The game has become completely free, and you can download it through the links on the best apk store
  • Although the animation is not the best it can be but it is very realistic and contains a lot of accurate animations that make the game very realistic
  • You can do anything you want with complete freedom and without any restrictions on you, whether it is stealing, killing, escaping from the police, stealing cars, terrorizing passers-by, and other immoral acts
    The game does not need to be connected to the Internet, so you can enjoy playing anytime and anywhere