Download FIFA 21 Game for Android

Download FIFA 21 from Tencent Games for Android with a direct link, now you can download FIFA Mobile 21 for Android as we know that mobile games have reached the next level these days, game setting, gameplay, and game graphics they can be easily compared to the FIFA 21 Android version.

So, FIFA 21 Android has been perfectly optimized so that now it can also be played on Android APK devices with lower specifications, but still, your phone must have the best specifications.

What’s new in FIFA Mobile 21 Android

The Android version of FIFA 21 also offers the latest winter and summer transfers to the main tournaments in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, and in the latest editions of FIFA games called FIFA 21; Significantly improved gameplay, improved graphics, added more stadiums, updated kits and the way the action on the field is depicted, player profiles are clearer and more realistic than before.

Download FIFA Mobile 21FIFA Mobile 21 from Tencent Games for Android with a direct link

FIFA 2021 is a soccer video game developed by EA Canada and EA Romania and published by EA Sports. The game’s release date, which was announced on June 18, 2020, will be October 9, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. It is also available on mobile devices. smart with Android environment.

Features of downloading FIFA 21 Mobile for Android

  • You can play this game easily, because it doesn’t control online play like similar games, and it definitely works on Android 4.1 or later versions of this game.
  • Your phone memory should have enough space for you to play without any problem or interruption of the game due to the bad memory of your phone.
  • These games support many languages ​​at the same time, so it is easy for the player from different countries to change the language they understand by going to the game settings and choosing the language change mode, then choosing the language they want.
  • The player can work to form the team he wants through the manager mode that the game designers have put in this new game of this year that is FIFA 21 Android.
  • You can also work to play all the games with different teams, reach the final and keep the cup as well.

Additional Features in FIFA 21 Mobile

Since the appearance of the FIFA soccer game, it has caught the attention of all soccer game lovers and round witch fans all over the world, due to the fact that it has brought a number of impressive features that no other soccer game has. football has previously had. provided, and one of the most important features of this game, the following:

Play an interactive football match
FIFA 21 for Android now has a new game to play in the FIFA 21 season for your Android. What are you waiting for? Want to drop in and out of the game during matches to control the outcome of the match? Do you want to change the course of the game by controlling important moments like penalties and free kicks?

Continuous development of the game.
Now you can enjoy more control over your player growth in FIFA 21 Android. There are improved GPS training features in FIFA 21. New development plans allow you to focus on developing your team in the areas you want to match your team’s style of play.

Build a strong soccer team
  • Get more insight into your teams and team-level performance with the help of Match Intensity.
  • There is a recurring active training system in the game that is done in a session only by completing this session.
  • You can improve your team skills and improve your team chemistry.
Develop a complete game plan
  • Schedule a team training activity using the new activity management system.
  • This helps determine when to rest and when to play during the game.
  • This helps improve team efficiency. It also helps balance sharpness and player skill.

How to download FIFA 21 from Tencent Games for Android with a direct link

The way to download FIFA 21 from Tencent Games for Android with a direct link is very simple, so you will need to download only one file and put the files you will need of apk, obb and data only for easy downloading at the end of this post.

After downloading FIFA 21 from Tencent Games for Android with a direct link, install FIFA 2021 apk file and transfer the data file to android/data path and OBB file to android/obb path with this, you have finished all the steps, and congratulations for downloading FIFA 2021 on your android phone without

Download the best FIFA 21 soccer game for Android

Because the creators of this game have worked to introduce many changes within the game, the most important of which is the transfer of players that took place before the start of the new season, the game has become from here in a simulation of reality in a sense. or another.
Among the many features of the game, many people are looking to download it.
You can also feel that you are on the field where the match is taking place, specifically on the field with the players.
The designers of FIFA 21 Android made sure to highlight all the faces of the famous footballers and even pose several of their moves when scoring a goal.
They modified the interior design of the stadium while playing.
They also worked on drawing and modifying the grass with precision and quality to be similar to the field on the ground and this made the ball visible.
It plays more clearly.