Download FastStone Capture 2022 for free

FastStone Capture is one of the best screen capture video programs, taking pictures of the entire screen, and creating annotations for the computer, where you can capture any part of the screen, whether images or video, in a distinctive way. The program is small in size, not exceeding 3 megabytes, yet it excels It differs from many other programs in terms of video quality and recording speed and not affecting the performance of the computer during video recording, which is a problem available in many other programs that help to photograph and create video explanations.
FastStone Capture program is characterized by many features, such as the presence of a distinctive color for the mouse, showing the movement of the mouse, and providing a very powerful user interface that enables you to fully control the video in an easy way. You can shoot the video continuously and control the settings through the keyboard, for example, the F5 button. During the video recording, you can enlarge a specific part or reduce the volume, as well as the F10 button, which enables you to pause the video.
FastStone program, so you can take advantage of the program in the trial period for a whole month, and if you find it useful, you can buy a license for it. The computer is in WMV format and with excellent quality, and you may choose high quality HD, and control it as well.

Features of FastStone Capture:-

1 – You can adjust the video and quality during the video recording process.

2- Full control of the screen size and cropping parts of it to be photographed.

3- The possibility of enlarging parts of the screen to show a specific event or to clarify a part while making the explanations.

4- The program is experimental for a period of 30 days from the date of confirmation, and you can benefit from its full potential during this period.

5- Choose the place to save the video and the small size of the recorded video.

6- The ability to control the video quality before the recording process and choose HD quality.

7- The program provides the possibility of recording audio as well as on video through the microphone.

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