Cake app features: Free expressions updated daily apk for mobile

We offer you to download Cake – Teaching English for Android with a direct link, and it is one of the latest free applications specifically related to teaching English, through various modern learning methods between lectures, conversations, and distinctive videos that attract the reader’s attention and encourage him to continue the learning process.

Download Cake – Learn English for Android application with a direct link

This application is concerned with providing English language education services in very simplified, modern, and accessible ways; In order to learn the language without any boredom or boredom, and the means of education is listening to some audio conversations and watching videos accompanied by their translation, in addition to the presence of a very large number of distinctive books that have been designed for all ages by the best teachers in this field; In order to help in learning the language correctly and smoothly, in addition to the presence of a group of intensive language lectures that contribute to the installation of information better, the application was able to obtain 4.8 stars out of 5 on various application stores.

Cake app features: Free expressions updated daily apk for mobile

There are many features that this application has, the most important of which are the following:

  • The application is suitable for everyone, whether professionals or beginners, as it supports many levels from simple to advanced.
  • It contains many educational rules that can be obtained through a large number of conversations and videos, as well as a group of lessons provided by the best teachers in order to teach English correctly.
  • Availability of activating repetition, whether in videos or conversations, in addition to subtitles.
    The availability of a not insignificant number of books on teaching English.
  • It includes many phrases, sentences, and words in English in order to reach the correct pronunciation and the ability to speak English fluently.
  • The application can be downloaded to all types of mobile phones without an account.
  • The application is available completely free of charge without any restrictions.
  • The possibility of using the application with ease as it was designed in proportion to all ages and students.
  • Its size is very small so it does not take much space in order to install it on any device.
  • The application allows all users to have a conversation with language teachers for discussion and asking questions.
  • A large selection of multiple menus suitable for young and old.
    Constantly adding new updates to the application.


  • The application contains seven lists that are updated on a daily basis for the owners of the application, and each list contains a set of new words.
  • The presence of an icon allows the ability to repeat speech more than once in order to install the correct pronunciation, in addition to recording and evaluating the user’s pronunciation style by the application.
  • There is a box to search for a specific word, and then display all its related items, including videos, lectures, voice conversations, and books.
  • When the user wishes to review any conversation or lecture, it can be saved and returned to it later through the “Review” icon.
  • Availability of the Jake tutor feature, which is the user’s tutor, which can make the application easier to deal with.
  • This app hasn’t shown any flaws so far that it could be underestimated.

How to deal with the Cake application – learn English

There are several steps that must be adhered to in order to deal with the application in a correct manner, which is as follows:

  • Initially, the application is downloaded by Google Play for Android phone users and through the App Store for iPhone users.
  • Then the language that will be dealt with in the application is chosen in order to learn English.
    It is better if the user then logs in through Google or Facebook; This is in order to be able to memorize all the expressions that the user has successfully learned.
  • After the successful login, the main application page will appear, which includes all the menus, search fields, user profiles, and library.
  • The bell icon appears on the page from the top right, where new notifications are received, while on the top left is the list of subscriptions and the day.
  • Then the user can start learning the language by clicking on one of the videos, audio, or video chats with subtitles available below.
  • Then the user is allowed to practice the language by pronouncing the sentences or words that were listened to, and the application distinguishes and corrects the pronunciation.